EvaTac Rescue Knife

Safety with Style: Introducing the EvaTac Rescue Knife
Few, if any, survival knives combine tactical and rescue utilities with a satisfying artistic design, but
the EvaTac Rescue Knife does it effortlessly.
Any time you need to go out on a wild adventure, on a grim mission, or on a leisure stroll, the EvaTac
Rescue knife provides all the features you need to successfully accomplish your operation.
With a simple look at this survival knife, you can tell that it is tough and ergonomically designed,
which places it amongst the best EDCs.

Features of Evatac Rescue knife

  •  A glass breaker for shattering glass in emergency cases that require you to do so.
  • Belt cutter for cutting straps.
  • Liner lock is used as a locking mechanism.
  • Meaty design for extra strength and good grip.
  • A spring-assisted blade that is easy to sharpen and has a drop-point end to ensure strength.
  • The solid hinge is designed to eliminate play.
  • A tactical black finishing that makes it the ‘silent hero’ but also gives it the stylish look

These and other features of the EvaTac rescue knife make it excellent for use in single-handed
engagements. You never know when an emergency demands the use of one or more f these
features, so the knife combines them in preparation for the unforeseen incidents.

Cons of the knife
Like all others, the knife may be defective in a certain feature. For example, the belt clip may be
loose, which increases chances of getting lost. However, upon purchase, you may tighten it.
Similarly, if you feel that the blade is dull, you may sharpen it for excellent results.
Another disadvantage is that it is a limited edition product. It is highly advisable that you get one for
yourself while stocks last. Do not miss out on such an excellent product.


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